I guess 28 isn’t so bad

Getting older is weird. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I like birthdays, but it’s still weird. And, since blogging, I’ve had some pretty fantastic ones:




And here’s #28.

Let’s be honest: I was not looking forward to #28. My late twenties. Almost thirty. Nearly Grandma-status.

Fortunately, I have some pretty fantastic people in my life that made sure #28 was memorable. For instance, this wonderful card I received from my former students at the University of Mary Washington–oh how I miss them. So much.


Did I cry when I got this glitter-filled envelope? Maybe…

A few days before the big day, my wonderful friend, Lesley, bought me a ticket to the Taste of Home Cooking Show. It was a chance for a group of us to learn some new recipes and, in Lesley’s case, to learn how to cook 🙂


Later that week I came home to this:


Did I cry when I saw this? Maybe little bit..I’ve been super emotional lately.

Did you know September 19th is also Jimmy Fallon’s birthday? I DID!

And did you know it’s also “Talk Like a Pirate Day”? So a few of my colleagues and I visited the offices in our department to spread pirate cheer, bad jokes, and Chips A Hoy Cookies 🙂 And yes, that’s a stuffed Reveille on my shoulder.


My family also came into town to visit me and take me to lunch. I hate that I forgot to take a picture. Here’s a pic of them if you forgot what they look like:


That night, I chose to go to the Artastic Craft Studio to learn how to make a wreath with some of my favorite ladies. Does that mean I’m getting old? Probably.

Enter Kristen (left) and Emily aka E aka E$ (right).

IMG_6429 IMG_6428 IMG_6432

Didn’t we do a good job?!?

Oh, hey Kristen.


Later that night we met some wonderful folks downtown. And, naturally, I came home afterward and immediately displayed my masterpiece:


So here I sit, sipping tea and ready for bed at 8pm on a Sunday evening. I know the only thing that would make this moment better would be me sitting in a rocking chair on a wrap around porch. Getting older is only getting better, y’all.

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