The Price of a Free Voucher

“Ladies and gentlemen, today’s flight has been overbooked and we are looking for volunteers with flexible schedules to take a later flight to your destination. Volunteers will be compensated with a flight voucher.”

Anyone been in this situation? Anyone?

I often travel solo and this has happened to me many times. My plans are usually flexible and I love free money, so I tend to take airlines up on this deal.

On my way home from Orlando last weekend (an adventure I’ll discuss in a later post) I found myself in this situation. The plane that arrived at our gate was too small and seven volunteers were needed to take a later flight.

I waited…I waited…I caved.

Free $500 voucher? I’m in.

Unfortunately, there were no planes leaving later in the evening, so I was told we could leave first thing in the morning–they’d put me in a hotel, of course.

I debated…I debated…I checked my calendar (no meetings in the morning) so I agreed. Two other nice ladies agreed as well and we immediately became a team.

Something I did not consider was the fact that my luggage was already shipped to College Station. I was stuck with the clothes I was wearing, no tooth brush, and a backpack full of souvenirs.

Regardless, the three of us headed to the hotel shuttle and were whisked away in Dallas to our hotel. Here’s where it gets good.

There’s no other way to say it: the hotel doubled as a night club. Seriously. Now, this was a Monday night, so the club wasn’t exactly “bumping” but it was definitely ready to at any moment.


The girls and I dropped our baggage off in our rooms and headed to the bar for a much-needed glass of wine. Oh, here’s a sweet gold vinyl couch in my room (No, I did not touch it).


Sweet artwork. Not creepy at all to wake up to.



And these “N”s? They were embroidered on everything. I think they meant to stand for “Night Club.”


After eating some food, we decided to go to bed. The hotel was nearly 30 minutes away from the airport and we needed to leave on the 6am shuttle to arrive on time.

In the middle of the night, my air conditioner cut off and I heard knocking and running up and down the halls. I was convinced I’d be taken and didn’t sleep a wink from 1-5am.

Yes, I slept in the same clothes that I traveled in the next day. Yes, I showered. Yes, I was glad to never set foot in the club ever again.

Lessons learned:

1) If they offer you a voucher and you’re flexible, take it.

2) But google the hotel they’re putting you in. Thoroughly.

3) Always, ALWAYS carry a change of clothes and toothbrush in your carry-on. I’ll never make that mistake again.

**Don’t worry, the hotel provided me with a brand new toothbrush. I knew y’all were wandering. And it was in a sealed package, so it wasn’t sktechy.

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