En la clase de Espanol

A few years ago, I set some goals to complete before I turn 30 (aka in 2016).

1) Learn to play piano (check)

2) Travel abroad (check…in July of 2015)

3) Finish writing a book (…pretty close to a check)

4) Complete five marathons (3/5 checked)

5) Learn Espanol (…enter blog post)

So when I discovered that the Center for International Business at Texas A&M offers a non-credit conversational Spanish class on Monday and Wednesday evenings, I immediately signed up.

The good news is that I remember I lot more than I ever thought I would from three years in high school.

The bad news is…that is nowhere near enough to hold a conversation with anyone.

IMG_7356I’m taking the class with about 15 other people. They’re mostly retired professors…some graduate students…I think maybe a cop?…and then me.

I sit here…pretty close to the front, but not on the front row. You know, like the cool kids.

IMG_7385^^My teacher is the man on the left, Antonio. He’s from Puerto Rico and probably my new favorite person. The way he teaches and speaks just makes sense. He’s also great at teaching idioms and commonly used phrases.

I soak up everything like a sponge, but I’m not a very big sponge.

After the first few classes, I realized I was behind in vocabulary. So I reverted to my undergrad days and found my stash of blank note cards.

IMG_7378I’ve been studying them like crazy but the stack keeps growing after each class.

Trabajar-“to work” Yo trabajo en el Departamento de Student Life.

Tocar-“to play/touch”–Toco el piano.

Googliar- “to Google”–Googlio todo. <–not even lying.

Bailar-“to dance”–Bailo en mi carro y la casa y el oficina y…



My friends just tell me that I need to immerse myself in the culture and spend time in Spain or Mexico. Here’s why that’s not happening:

1) Mexico = absolutely not

2) Mexico = no seriously, I’m never going there. Unless I have an escort. Of Marines.

C) Who has the vacation time to just head off to Spain all willy-nilly without a care in the world?

Anyway…until I win the lottery, I’ll be learning my Spanish in College Station. Until my head explodes.

IMG_7379Until next time mis amigos…

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