That time I met the Pioneer Woman

It all started about seven years ago when my friend, Christine, told me I should start reading this woman’s blog: Soon, it became an obsession. Her cooking. Her love story. Her love of the Lord. Her strong family.

And not a weird obsession because you have to understand–These days, it’s so difficult to find a strong female role model in the media. You know, a female who doesn’t have a leaked sex tape or humps a wrecking ball? Am I right?

Without the Pioneer Woman, I wouldn’t have made it through the last decade–honestly. Her cinnamon rolls warmed the hearts of my co-workers, her chicken piccata impressed several dates, and her love story, ‘Black Heels to Tractor Wheels’ got me through the break-ups.

So naturally, like any adoring fan, I regularly read her blog and follow her on Instagram. After my piano lesson last Tuesday, Instagram showed me that she was attending an Aggie basketball game…IN COLLEGE STATION.

The next day, a friend texted me and told me she saw the Pioneer Woman on campus. Suddenly, my spidey senses told me she would be in our bookstore. I grabbed my two co-workers, Libby and Emily, and headed that way. As we walked past the bookstore, BOOM, there she was.

Y’all, I’ve never really met a famous person. I mean, I’ve been five feet away from Orlando Bloom and Joe Nichols lives in my parent’s neighborhood, but that definitely doesn’t count. When I saw the Pioneer Woman, I literally started freaking out. Shaking. Sweating. You know, normal stuff I guess.

Thankfully, Libby and Emily calmed me down enough and convinced me to ask her for a picture.

“Excuse me, Mrs. Drummond. I’m so sorry to bother, but will you please take a picture with me?”

IMG_7406Y’all, she was so nice. And sweet. And wonderful. She asked us questions about College Station, but I don’t think I formed many coherent sentences. In reflection, here are the things I wish I could have said to the Pioneer Woman and not seemed creepy:

  • Do you need a live-in sous chef? I’m willing to relocate.
  • You are beautiful.
  • Will you cook dinner? I’ll buy groceries.
  • Want to sit together at all the football games next season?
  • Any single cowboys in your neighborhood? Can we say “The Bachelor: Ranch Edition”?

Alas, I’m pretty sure I told her that I looked for her last time she was on campus (<–she probably thinks I’m crazy). Thankfully, Emily was there to help me sound somewhat intelligent.

After chatting with her and her daughter, Alex, I flew away on a cloud of star-struckness and immediately texted the bestie who introduced me to The Pioneer Woman:

IMG_7407Anyway, I can’t believe I actually met one of my biggest role models in real life. It was absolutely surreal.

In other news, I’ll be pinching myself and dreaming of Oklahoma ranches until my next post.

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