Winter is hard.

Y’all, winter is a struggle. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE snow. And skiing. And warm fires. But after a while, I’m ready for a warm breeze and a beach.

Over the past few weeks I’ve worked hard to escape the winter without much luck.

First, I headed to St. Louis for a conference with 14 of my favorite students in the whole world. But not without some sass and lots of airport drama.


IMG_7473It was incredibly, bitterly, horribly, awfully cold. But we trekked across the city to the Arch. By God, we were going to see the Arch.

IMG_7422IMG_7416^^My graduate assistant/partner in crime was stoked.

After surviving the tundra, my next idea to fight the cold was to attend an outdoor concert the following weekend. It was Brandon Rhyder, Reckless Kelly, and Wade Bowen so I didn’t complain too much. But I also had Hot Hands. Brought back memories of football games at good ol’ Virginia Tech…

IMG_7523After recovering from frost bite, I attended a wedding in San Antonio the next weekend. Shocker: It was freezing.
However, during the day, it was perfect weather to hit up Top Golf with Emily and Kristen.

IMG_7525 IMG_7524After the wedding, we braved the cold to explore the River Walk and Alamo.

IMG_7511Next to the Alamo, we found a really awesome haunted hotel bar, The Menger. This famous location is the site of Teddy Roosevelt recruiting the famous Rough Riders. It was so cool.

IMG_7521 IMG_7520 Later that weekend, I was able to see one of my absolute favorite people, Kim, from Virginia. Oh my heart was so happy.

IMG_7530Finally, after weeks of traveling, I arrived back in town to escape the rain and cold by watching The Bachelor with my weekly crew. escape from the cold hasn’t been exactly fruitful, but I couldn’t imagine a better way to have spent it. Here’s to Spring weather and it arriving soon 🙂

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