So, I bought my Dad an IPod

If you know me, you know that I adore my father aka Poppa Higg. He literally can do no wrong. Except when he tries to walk out of the house with brown sandals and black socks…but I’m convinced he does that on purpose to get on my nerves.

You see, he’s an extremely generous man. One year, he came to Washington, D.C. just to watch me run a marathon. The man despises cities, but he came just to support me. He even rode the metro. Multiple times.


In addition to just being awesome, he has helped move me every time I’ve changed education/career paths. That’s three Uhaul trips over a total of 3,000 miles. The man is a hero.

And even after being so amazing, the man has never asked for anything. Never. So in the Spring when he mentioned wanting an IPod, my ears perked up and I started doing my research.

Pop wanted an IPod for the following reasons:

1) To be able to do yard work with music

2) To listen to music in his truck because XM radio was no longer cutting it

On Father’s Day, I presented Pop with this small electronic device with the promise to download any and all music he’d like.

Now, I always knew Poppa Higg had great taste in music–I credit him to educating me with Led Zeppelin, Jerry Jeff Walker, and the Eagles. In fact, when I was captain of the high school volleyball team, it was my duty to create the warm-up CD. So I ignored my generation’s music taste and went for a healthy mix of ZZ Top, Queen, and Aerosmith instead. We didn’t win much…but everyone in the crowd always danced before our matches.

Anyways, back to Father’s Day…8 hours and 7 yellow note-pad pieces of paper listing hundreds of songs later…I started my downloading.

Dad was Googling songs from his heyday while I purchased them through my ITunes account. Why my account? Because hell would freeze over before I teach him how to use ITunes. I won’t put either of us through that torture.

A happy side-effect of me using my account? I get to enjoy the music, too. And y’all, where have I been? I haven’t spent enough time with Creedence Clearwater Revival and Chicago, that’s for sure.

But in addition to his great taste, he has some questionable choices.

Pop: “Meg, what’s that song by the Black Eyed Peas? ‘Tonight’ or something?”

Me: “Excuse me?”

Pop: “The Black Eyed Peas song. You know what I’m talking about?”

Me: “Yes. It’s called, ‘I Gotta Feeling.’ And no. I am not purchasing my father a Black Eyed Peas song.”

Pop: *jaw drops* “Why not? It’s just one song.”

Me: “No.”

Anyways, besides the BEP debate, he’s got a pretty sweet IPod mix. And now, he wants a speaker so he can bluetooth to his golf cart. My dad is so cool 🙂

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