Higgs takes Europe: Part I

Last fall, my family decided to travel to England, Scotland and Ireland in 2015. And while my family has traveled a ton throughout the US, we have never left the country together. And, fun fact, I’ve never traveled outside of the US! Well, except to Tiajuana. But that was when I was 12 and the place wasn’t utterly terrifying. Semi-terrifying? Yes. Utterly terrifying? No.

You’re asking, “Why England, Scotland, and Ireland?” Because it’s literally the only place in Europe my father will go. Don’t even get him started on France. Just picture Ron Swanson and you’ve got my dad. But also, we were looking for some great history and beautiful sites. And accents. Ok, maybe that was just me.

In addition to never being out of the country, it’s important to know that my assumption is that every corner I turned in the UK, I would see Ed Sheeran or members of the band, One Direction. Additionally, every older gentleman I met I could only assume had been close friends with the Beatles.


When our departure day arrived, my grandmother came over to drive us to the airport, and within three minutes of her arrival, she asked: “Meg, are you going to find yourself a boyfriend over there?”

I smiled knowing her ideal answer would be: “Oh Mimi, I’m already dating an incredible man. In fact, I’m expecting an engagement soon and several children!” But instead, I replied, “Oh gosh, Mimi. I’m not sure!”

To which she replied, “Well, Prince Harry is already engaged, so that’s not going to happen. Just letting you know.”

Thanks Mimi. Good to know.


After a long day of flying and spending too much time in the Toronto Airport (Ok, so it was only 45 minutes, eh?) we made it to York, England.

Canada, Eh?


In York, we walked up and down the streets, shopped, and ate fish and chips.

IMG_8246 IMG_8255

We also visited York Minster.


Fun facts about York, England? Costantine was named Roman Emperor here. It’s important that you go back to middle school history and remember that he was the first emperor to promote Christianity. #jesus


What have I learned about Europe thus far, you ask?

  • It’s cold. I packed two pairs of shorts and a couple of sleeveless tops. What a joke.
  • The sun rises at about 5am and sets at about 9pm in the summer. I would do SO well here. Seriously. SO MUCH TIME FOR ACTIVITIES!
  • Not everyone looks like they’re in One Direction or Ed Sheeran. And no one has mentioned the Beatles at this point.

Off to Scotland next. You’ll have to wait for the next post to learn more. In the meantime, I’ll be eating scones and jam until it runs out my ears. Anyone want to join?

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