Higgs takes Europe: Part II (In Scotland, Lassie)

After a few days in York, England, we traveled to Glasgow, Scotland to meet our tour group. Did I mention we used a tour guide? Yeah. There was no way I was letting my dad drive in Europe. The tour of about 30 people was the best way for us to get around and have everything planned for us.


We spent a day in Glasgow and it wasn’t that exciting…So onto other things.


The next day we headed to the highlands, stopping to take in the sights as we traveled and for a cruise around Loch Ness. PS “Loch” is what the Scottish call a “lake.”

IMG_3098 DSC02746 IMG_3099 IMG_3104

While we were waiting on our Loch Ness cruise, it was freezing and started hailing.



I found Nessie!


We spent the night in Inverness and it didn’t take long for me and Pop to walk around and stretch our legs. As we walked down the streets of pubs and souvenir shops, (they were EVERYWHERE) we heard “Take it Easy,” blaring from a pub named MacCullumbs. It seemed only right that pop and I stop in for a pre-dinner beverage.


We sipped our beers while the Eagles and Fleetwood Mac bored from the speakers. Soon, a Scottish man approached my dad and said, “Oy! Your mustache is fantastic! You know who you look like? You look like ZZ Top, man!” To which my dad replied, “I really don’t think I have enough hair for that.” Needless to say, we were fitting in well.

The following days we stopped at Blair Athol Distillery where I learned how they make single-malt whisky. Fun Fact: In Scotland you spell it “whisky” and everywhere else you spell it “whiskey.”


Next we headed for Saint Andrews where we spent most of our time soaking in the sun on the Old Course, walking in the steps of golf’s greatest.


^^Here are on the 18th green.


We ended our time in Scotland in the next few days and here are the highlights:

  1. I put my 15 years of dance lessons to use when I was invited to take part in a Scottish Dance. The guy on the right was my dance partner.

IMG_83182. We visited Edinburgh Castle, the Scottish Crown Jewels, and the Royal Mile in Edinburgh. It was cold so all I remember is the times I had a cup of coffee in my hand.

IMG_8384 IMG_83803. The Elephant House is the coffee shop where JK Rowling began to write Harry Potter.

IMG_83213. At this point in our adventure, we were walking in temperatures with the highs in the 50s…so we discovered that the UK is cold and windy.


Scotland was wonderful. Lots of plaid. And lots of history. But now it’s time to move on to Ireland.

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