A Visit from Mama Higg

Last weekend, Mama Higg came in town for some serious hang out time.

First, we headed to Antiques Week in Round Top and Warrenton. We found some gems and made sure to stop at Junk Gypsy on our way out of town.


*Fun Fact* Amy and Jolie’s (the owners of Junk Gypsy) family owned a fabulous pizza shop, AJ’s, in East Texas years go. They made fabulous pizza rolls and after our visit, that’s all I wanted to eat.

On Saturday and Sunday, we spent a lot of time in the kitchen making Halloween Trash and things that look like this:


On Monday, we spent some time at the George Bush Presidential Museum and Library.


I had attended events here, but never actually walked through the museum.


I’ve always enjoyed American History and it was great learning so much about George. Here’s Ma, just chatting’ it up.

IMG_8680 IMG_8681

Being here just made me miss DC. OVAL OFFICE TIME:

IMG_8687 IMG_8703

George left me with this wonderful quote, “Let future generations understand the burden and the blessings of freedom. Let them say we stood where duty required us to stand.” Isn’t that lovely?


Later that night, we watched The President’s Own United States Marine Band on campus. Ma relived her high school band days.


The next day, Astronaut Charlie Duke visited campus to speak about his time on the moon. He was on Apollo 16 and it was incredible to see his photos and here his stories. This picture is horrible because we had to sit in the balcony.


On Ma’s last night, she we relived fond memories as she watched me play three volleyball games with my co-rec leagues. She did any excellent job at cheering and passing me the gatorade 🙂

It was a stellar weekend full of good food, shopping and laughs. Looking forward to our next adventure in February! 

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