A Breezy Week in Colorado

This past week I traveled to Denver for a work conference. My dear friend, Emily, and I decided to take a couple of days of vacation to explore before it started.

Our travels took us to Longmont, CO as our home base for two days. We started our vacay by eating at the Pump House Brewery. It was excellent! Highly recommend.


The next day, we attempted to go hiking. But it rained. All. Day. Long.


So we made the most of it and traveled to Boulder. Fun fact? Glenn Miller went to school at the University of Colorado. Yes–I know my musical interests are weird.


Soon we found a new friend.


And got the VIP tour of Folsom Field.


So maybe it wasn’t VIP and this was just a picture behind a chain link fence..

After exploring campus, we decided to grab lunch and start our brewery tour. We started at Boulder Beer, Colorado’s First Craft Brewery, and, unfortunately, the wait staff was pretty miserable to be around. We ate quickly and got outta there.

Next was Twisted Pines. The beer was interesting…but not really great. We tried one called, “Billies Chillies” and it was literally brewed with chillies. It tasted like drinking hot sauce. Even I couldn’t enjoy it, and jalapeños are one of my main food groups.


After being disappointed twice, we headed towards Avery Brewing Company. FINALLY! It was great beer and even better service.


The next day the clouds disappeared so we headed for Twin Sisters Mountain for our hike. As we approached the mountains, we started getting excited.

“I hope I don’t get hot,” I said as I motioned to my light-weight jacket.

“Maybe we’ll be able to see snow-capped mountains from where we’re hiking!” Emily exclaimed.

“..Hey Em…the temperature has dropped about 10 degrees since we started…that’s crazy” I mentioned with slight hesitation.

“Meg…I see some snow over there on the ground…” Emily said quietly.

“…oh wow…that’s actually a lot of snow…” I said as I pulled into the parking lot.


As we stepped out of the car (yes, our car is pictured), we were seriously reconsidering what we had gotten ourselves into. Did we expect it to be cold? Absolutely. Did we expect to be hiking in snow? NO.


But we sucked it up and starting hiking. I don’t think I need to mention that we were the only ones crazy enough to start this adventure.


^^We ain’t scared.


^^Ok I know. I wasn’t wearing the right socks. Trust me, I KNOW.


A mile or so in we figured out that we were in over out heads and needed to leave, but not before taking in the scenery.


IMG_3864 IMG_3873 IMG_3871

We headed to another trail. Somehow, this didn’t make us feel much better.


Soon after hiking, we headed for our work conference.

IMG_8922 IMG_8928

In my spare time, I was able to spend some time with my beautiful friend, Ana, who lives in Denver. We’ve been friends since undergrad and she is truly one of the most wonderful people I know. Here she is at the Punch Bowl Social for dinner.


On our last day, we couldn’t leave town without visiting the spot making us exactly one mile above sea level.

IMG_8900 IMG_8905

Sometimes I try to embarrass my students.


Colorado was a blast but I was ready to be home.


And I could write an entirely new blog post about the terrifying plane ride I had home, but maybe another day.

Cheers, Colorado, I hope to see you again soon.

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