Tis the Season

I would like to start by saying that I do not believe you should celebrate Christmas before Thanksgiving. Christmas music? NO. Christmas tree in your living room? NO.

But…I was able to incorporate a little bit of Christmas into the week before Thanksgiving and I didn’t hate it.

First, my dear friend Kristen and I chose a Salvation Army Christmas Angel to give Christmas. This is one of my very favorite Christmas traditions and I was so excited to share it with Kristen this year. I have to admit…we were selfish and chose an angel whose “Wish” was a Barbie doll. I think we wanted to relive our childhood.

In other news, have you seen the Barbie aisle recently? It’s slightly overwhelming.

I think it took us 45 minutes to decide on a few Barbies, outfits, and accessories. Yes, the outfits were very important.


And where were these cool Barbies when I was a kid?


On Saturday morning, Kristen and I woke up bright and early to deliver Thanksgiving dinner baskets to several families in the area–I’d like to put that on the record so it doesn’t seem like I completely skipped Thanksgiving and jumped into Christmas.

That evening, a group of us ran the Santa’s Wonderland 5k. This checked several things off of our list:

  1. Kristen and Melanie’s first 5k? Check.
  2. An opportunity to make/wear tutus? Check.
  3. Running through Christmas lights? Check.

We started at twilight. Not sunset, but twilight. Here’s Kristen and me:IMG_8991

My goal was to encourage Kristen and Melanie the whole way. I was also a mom and took as many pictures as possible.

Taking pictures of Christmas lights while running is actually pretty difficult. Especially when you factor in the numbness of my fingertips from the 20 degree windchill.

But we made it! And *newsflash* my phone told me we ran 3.4 miles…not 3.1.


And I immediately congratulated myself with a glass of wine.


I ended my weekend in the most perfect way–by hosting some former student leaders at my house for fajitas. It was SO good to see their faces.


They are wonderful and my heart was so full when they were here.

Anyways, my few Christmas experiences before Thanksgiving has spoiled me because now I’m ready for the music and decorations. I didn’t mention that my Christmas shopping is completely finished…but, for the record, it is. And maybe it’s already wrapped, too.

I know I have issues.

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