European Adventures with Shelley: Parisbound

On our last day in London, we had some important things to check off our list. First, I ran to Wimbledon and along the way, I saw my future home aka Kensington Palace.


Later in the day, we visited Hyde Park, the Tower of London and Herrod’s for afternoon tea.


We ended the day by seeing Wicked.


Early the next morning, we were Parisbound. As soon as we stepped off the train, we were ready for our next adventure. Except…we realized immediately…that we don’t speak French. It may have taken us over an hour to figure out how to navigate the underground system and get to our hotel…but WE DID IT.

Here’s me. Trying to figure out Paris.


We headed to the Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Paris, Sacre Coeur. We climbed the million steps to the top, but it was worth it for the views. By then end of this day, my Garmins told me we had climbed 47 flights of stairs.


Then we headed to Notre Dame. No hunchback was found, if you were wondering.


Finally, we headed to see the Eiffel Tower.


The next day, we headed to a traditional Parisian brunch at Claus and it was amazing.


Once we loaded up on carbs and butter, we were excited to explore the Louvre. Thankfully, Shelley and I had a game plan because, otherwise, we would still be wondering around that place.


The Code of Hammurabi, the Winged Victory, and the Pyramid du Louvre.


After our efficient exploring, we had a champagne cruise on the Seine. Life is the bubbles.


A fellow passenger took our picture. I think she was a professional.


After the cruise, we found a cafe close to the Tower so we could “catch it while it was sparkling.” After a few glasses of Bourdeaux and some Creme Brulee, we became fast friends with the waitstaff. When they learned we were from Texas, they immediately played Old Crow Medicine Show’s Wagon Wheel. It may not have been Texas country, but it was appreciated. Oh and they gave us free champagne. So they were our favorites.


So if you’re keeping count, Shelley and I spent a whirlwind three days in London and two in Paris. It was quick, but perfect. Our next adventure will be in Spain and Portugal and it can’t come soon enough.

3 thoughts on “European Adventures with Shelley: Parisbound

  1. I visited Spain my Senior year in High School and LOVED IT!! If you can eat a Traditional Paella…do it. The food there is to die for. And everyone was super friendly. Of course that was 40 years ago but still. We were in Seville but anywhere you visit I’m sure will be wonderful. I’m so enjoying your posts!!

  2. I cannot wait to read about your adventures in Spain. I visited Seville, Spain in my senior year of High School. I loved it so much and the food was incredible. We visited during Feria…which is the Easter Celebration where so many people pay penance by carrying huge floats and crawling through the streets on their hands and knees…all the while calling out “Guapa Chicka” which is pretty lady if you don’t know Spanish. Funny. And at the time 1973…the didn’t drive on the right or left side of the road…the drove where there was room. Scary and exciting at the same time. Have fun!!!

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