Savannah State of Mind

In October, Emily and I headed to the Florida vs A&M football game in Gainesville and took a few extra days in Savannah, Georgia afterward. I know. It’s January and this happened in October, but better late than never right?

First things first: We visited Gainesville to watch the Aggies BTHO the University of Florida. But more importantly, we got to see Kristen!!!



We had a blast and won the game!

After a few days in Florida, we headed to Savannah. Now, it’s important that I tell you I had a wicked sore throat and was doing anything and everything to ease the pain. Cough drops. Pain Reliever. Cold medicine. EVERYTHING.

The first thing we did was take a bicycle tour to get to know the area. We were the only ones on the tour so I had only two people made fun of my lack of bicycle skill. Also, riding a bike after 20 years is not easy.


Don’t worry. I only veered into traffic like eight times. Ok. Nine.


Heres a fancy fountain in Forsyth Park.


After the bike tour, we explored more of town and went shopping. Savannah is one of the few places where you can drink alcohol in public areas. So we took advantage.


Alcohol definitely increased our spending limits. For instance, you never realize how many products made from bees you need until you have a few beers in your system.


One night, we visited Jen’s & Friends Martini Bar. This place was AMAZING! We met the owner, Jen, who told us how accidentally throwing a mini candy bar into a martini glass gave her the idea to create these creative martinis.


Emily liked the Reese’s Cup and Oreo martinis. I won’t tell you how many Rice Krispie Treat ones I had.


We spent time at some fantastic places like the Olde Pink House, Sweet Melissa’s Pizza, Rocks on the Roof, and Moon River. Our waiter at Moon River gave us our own little ghost tour of their basement.

On our last night, we chose to do a bar crawl ghost tour. Unfortunately, the temperature dropped 20 degrees so we were FREEZING and my throat was slowing trying to kill me. But I was determined to see some ghosts.


The ghost tour wasn’t exactly scary…or very ghosty. But, we learned about secret tunnels underneath the city and stopped at a bar every ten minutes to get out of the cold.

We had an early flight to catch the next morning and my throat was on fire. I couldn’t talk. I couldn’t swallow. I wanted to curl into a ball and cry all the way home.

I went to the doctor as soon as I got home and was diagnosed with a wicked sinus infection. Did it help that I walked around Savannah in the cold with an occasional alcoholic beverage? Probably not. But I got medicated and was good to go in a few days.

Overall, Savannah was amazing. Minus the sore throat. And the amount of salt a gargled. Until next time, Georgia.

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